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Fast Partitions

Springhill Kitchen & Bath uses Fast Partitions for professional looking commercial toilet stalls at incredible prices.  Choose from a variety of colors and textures for your specific quality and design needs.

Commercial Bathroom Ideas

Powder Coated Metal

The Most Affordable Toilet Partitions On The Market

Metal Bathroom Partitions - Commercial Cabinet Design - Springhill Kitchen & Bath

Offering the cheapest priced material, quality construction, and a wide variety of colors to match any bathroom, metal partitions are the most popular bathroom stalls on the market. For most buildings that don’t see a lot of traffic, metal offers a great value for churches, restaurants and small businesses.

Metal partitions are one of the most lightweight partitions on the market, rendering them easy and efficient to install. Minor damages such as scratches and graffiti can be effortlessly repaired, while being environmentally responsible and largely fire and rust resistant.

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HDPE Solid Plastic

Extreme Durability In Demanding Environments

Solid Plastic Bathroom Partitions - Commercial Cabinet Design - Springhill Kitchen & Bath

With an affordable material cost and high level of durability, plastic bathroom partitions are ideal in a wide range of building environments. These work particularly well with buildings in which there are large quantities of people, such as schools or restaurants. The durability and material quality of the plastic partitions are manufactured to sustain the wear-and-tear of a high-volume environment, as well as hot, wet, dry or cold atmospheric conditions.

Along with being highly scratch and impact resistant, these partitions are widely offered with warranties to guarantee a longer life span. Additionally, unlike its metal counterpart, plastic partitions will not need regular paint touch-ups and are less likely to absorb excessive odors that come with high amounts of traffic.

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Stainless Steel

When Luxury & Cleanliness Counts

Stainless Steel Bathroom Partitions - Commercial Cabinet Design - Springhill Kitchen & Bath

One of the highest quality bathroom partitions on the market, stainless steel combines the durability of plastic partitions with the sleek, high-end finish of metal.

Ideal for high profile installations and public restrooms alike, the material quality of stainless steel with keep walls and doors from chipping and are virtually unaffected by chemical cleaners. Stainless steel partitions also resist the spread of flames and smoke and promote a sanitary environment, making them perfect for commercial properties with high concentrations of people.

Look no further for high quality bathroom stalls for your commercial building.


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